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    Frequently asked questions

    Can you come to visit me physically?

    As a fully digital business, we cannot visit you physically to discuss your wishes. However, we go to great lengths to make sure we deliver services of great quality tailored to your personal needs.

    Can you go to court for me?

    No. There are two reasons why I cannot go to court. The first one is that I am a lawyer, not an attorney. The second reason is that I work fully remotely and there is a big chance that I am abroad.

    Going to court is incredibly expensive, something you really want to avoid. We can provide you with documents and advice that will avoid going to court.

    Are you a licensed lawyer?

    Yes! With both a bachelor (European Law) and master degree (International Business Law), I can proudly call myself a licensed lawyer.

    What are your methods of communication?

    Legal Future mostly communicates through email. Meetings and sessions are held through Zoom, Teams or Google Hangout depending on your preference. Phone calls are also possible but only through WhatsApp (because of high telephone costs).

    Is the first introductory meeting free of charge?

    Yes! You can always get to know me and see if we’re a match without being charged the first time.

    How do you protect personal and confidential business data?

    The protection of your personal and confidential business data is my priority. I work with a VPN and protected workspaces.