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My name is Wessel Adam and I founded Legal Future with the intention of helping other online entrepreneurs grow their businesses. People do not readily turn to lawyers, and if they do, it is often with someone who no knowledge of their industry. Legal Future is different in this perspective, providing high-end legal documents and advice by a specialist with up-to-date knowledge in your field of business.

My passion for business law and technology was further ignited during my Master’s International Business Law (IBL) at Tilburg University. Here, I was introduced to concepts such as blockchain, smart contracts and AI. Apart from regular corporate law issues like business structures, shares, mergers and divestitures, this was a welcome change and broadened my view in order to meet the needs of my generation.

In my private life, I fulfilled a long-cherished dream and embarked on a journey as a digital nomad as of September 2022. Working remotely, I am able to explore the most beautiful parts of the world whilst still being able to meet the needs of my clients.

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Some interesting facts about me

  • Bachelor in European law and Master in International Business Law
  • Living & working entirely remote
  • Currently travelling in South-East Asia
  • Favourite activities: Hiking & reading
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Becoming a business lawyer

By the end of my high school days, I had multiple subjects I wanted to pursue at university. Yet I knew pretty quickly that it was going to be law, and not history or philosophy, two of my other passions. My strong sense of justice played a big part in that. I chose to study European law in Nijmegen because of my fondness for different languages and cultures on the European continent. At the end of my bachelor, I discovered I felt more for corporate law than European institutions. The Master of International Business Law at Tilburg University was quite unique, tackling both traditional corporate law and the influence of technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain on society. I was taught that as a lawyer, you have to keep up with technology, otherwise you are left behind. In the meantime, I did an internship at Blue Legal Attorneys in Breda, where I had the chance to put my business law knowledge into practice. Last year I worked as an independent legal counsel for a municipality near Amsterdam. Here I immersed myself in drafting legislation (public law) and contracts (civil law).

In the immediate future, I would like to deepen my knowledge in the field of law and technology and continue to help other entrepreneurs grow their online businesses.

Education & Experience

2017 - 2021
Bachelor of Laws | BA European Law | Radboud University
2021 - 2022
Master of Laws | LLM International Business Law | Tilburg University
Legal Intern | Blue Legal Attorneys and Lawyers
Freelance Remote Legal Consultant | Municipality Kaag and Braassem
2021 - Now
Freelance Remote Legal Consultant| Legal Future

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