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Legal Future


Grow your online business from a legal perspective

Having a legal partner along your journey as an online entrepreneur

When starting up your online business, it is not wise to just take off. From a legal perspective, there are multiple things to consider and think through before landing that first client. For instance, general terms and conditions are the game rules of your company. You should understand what's in there and how to use them. The same goes for a privacy policy, in which you explain to your clients how you deal with their personal data. In fact, every business decision needs a thorough legal evaluation in order for it to be conducted with minimal risk. Legal Future was set up to help online entrepreneurs, by drafting custom-made legal documents adjusted to the need of the client. In addition, we provide legal advice on any business law issue and assist in legal disputes.


Documents & Contracts

A successful business starts with a solid legal foundation. In further stages, additional contracts may also be a necessity rather than a luxury. Legal Future provides your business with rock-solid legal documents that minimise risks for your business.


Business expansion, new product, or pushing boundaries abroad? You want to know all about the possibilities and the risks prior to making important decisions. Legal Future assists you in growing your business steadily with minimal risks.


Disagreement with a client or business party? To prevent is better than to cure. However, sometimes you cannot avoid different parties having different expectations. Once you find yourself in a conflict, you want a specialist to avoid escalation and protect your rights. Legal Future supports you through this process.

How it all started

Already as a kid, I was interested in history, geography, politics and philosophy. The choice to study law was easily made because it reflected all these topics and suited a strong sense of justice that was developing in me.

Being a lawyer with a strong desire for negotiating conditions and strategically interpreting the law, the specialization for (international) business law came naturally to me. After realizing that most entrepreneurs and SME’s have difficulty understanding the maze of national- and EU legislation, it became a personal mission to simplify the law and help entrepreneurs grow their online business.

After working as a legal advisor for a Dutch municipality, I was ready for the next step and decided to leave the Netherlands in order to become a full-fledged digital nomad. Being a remote entrepreneur myself, there is no better way to help others grow their online business.



Legal Future provided me with excellent help in drafting the general terms and conditions for my company. I was looking for someone who could process the most important risks concisely into a document. Wessel works quickly, listens carefully to my wishes and is pleasant to work with.

GilberteLifestyle coach, Omne Vitae

Working with Legal Future has been a pleasure. Wessel has a strong command of the law yet knows how to simplify a complex contract. Not only do I understand what's in my contracts, I know how to explain it to my customers. Wessel is very concerned with your business, goes great length to understand your service and provides you with balanced and beneficial terms. Would certainly recommend this service!

SanneRemote Copywriter

I would recommend working with Legal Future if you're looking for someone that can both draft good quality documents and understands your business.

BartWebshop owner

As a remote business coach having good legal documents is very important (as for any entrepreneur). One would say any lawyer could draft these documents, but working with someone that knows the risks of remote work and understands your industry is so much better.

MaaikeRemote Business Coach




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